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“Only Dokken is big enough” 


“A world-class research environment, a high-profile attraction and a new city district for everyone to enjoy. Only at Dokken is this a possibility,” says Tor Fredrik Müller, general manager of the company Visjon Dokken.

Along with Asplan Viak, Probiz and MAD Arkitekter, the company has pointed out the opportunities afforded by the city’s container docks. 

Aquarium as a high-profile attraction
“At Dokken, the marine sector has the chance to grow. Here, there is room for a world-class research community, academia, business start-ups and established enterprises. Together, they can form a cluster within one of the most important sectors for the Norwegian west coast, and one with the best outlook for growth and development,” says Müller. 

He also believes that integrating the Aquarium into the scheme can help turn the cluster into a high-profile attraction, right at the centre of a completely new city district that everyone can enjoy. 

Jorunn Nerheim, regional director at OBOS, and Tor Fredrik Müller, CEO of EGD Property and general manager of Visjon Dokken.

Everyone who is anyone in Bergen is united behind the demand for the creation of a co-located marine research cluster, and Visjon Dokken is looking at the entire axis from
Marineholmen to Nøstet as one single transformation area. 
“Proximity to the university is important, which makes Dokken an ideal space where the cluster can develop and grow over time,” says Jorunn Nerheim, regional director at OBOS. 
“At Dokken, there is room for everyone who wants to be associated with a network that is unique – even by international standards.” 

A signature development to be proud of  
According to Müller and Nerheim, parallels can be drawn with the successful recent redevelopment of Oslo’s Bjørvika district. The whole thing started with the decision to build the new national opera house there. That became the locomotive which unleashed an enormous potential. 
“A marine cluster at Dokken, where the big research vessels will also form a natural visitor attraction, could have the same impact on Bergen’s future development. We must have the courage to build a signature urban space to be proud of.”
Finally, Visjon Dokken highlights the chance to build a sustainable urban district where containers currently hold sway. 

“Ocean City Bergen can really come to fruition at Dokken, in a harmonious and sustainable balance between several thousand homes, schools, preschool nurseries and an efficient public transport system.”

Photo above:  
This is Visjon Dokken’s vision of how the area currently occupied by container docks could be transformed into a marine cluster.

Did you know that...



Cleaner fish are increasingly being used at fish farms to combat sea lice.
 In 2016, around 20 million wild-caught wrasse were used at Norwegian fish farms. Lumpfish are also used.

(Source: Institute of Marine Research)